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It took several months before the soldiers and officers who had deserted, because they could not comply with orders to "shoot to kill" given to them, begin to organize, establish mission is to ensure the protection districts where they were from, and launch the foundation for what became the ASL. Even to defend the use of weapons was for revolutionaries nor spontaneous nor natural. They hoped, for their patience and courage, to discourage their young compatriots, called or committed to participate in the repression ordered by the regime. They imagined that their persistence would convince NCOs and officers as truth, dignity and justice are on the side of those on which they were asked to open fire, and not in defense of a predator prepared for the worst to ensure its survival. They thought sent to reassure members of minority communities, they understand the reluctance to engage in an adventure whose outcome was uncertain for all. They believed that by overcoming their own fear and persistent, week after week, to face death in the streets, they help their compatriots to overcome their anxiety. They wanted to show them that the regime lying when waved before them the specter of sectarian confrontation. What they wanted was life, not death: they did not stake their lives today to the pleasure of insensate power tomorrow, remove those who do not have accompanied and supported in their struggle.